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Tyranids "Black Plague" Army

HISTORY: The Black Plague Tyranids are a crafty lot. When the Bloodhound army rebelled the "Black Plague" took advantage of the confusion and escaped. Most of their army is still in other galaxies causing carnage, while a small detachment was sent to our galaxy to see if we were worthy of their rapeage. Although it is a small detachment it has given trouble to the "Black Death" Space Marines, Black Templars, the Eldar (not the Ulthwe), and even a Chaos army. It has been known to ally itself with the Bloodhound army and the Ulthwe Eldar when needed.


Warrior Squad: 3 Warriors, 1 exceptional size with Venom Cannon, and 2 other warriors with Deathspitters.

Genestealers: 12 Genestealers all with rending claws. Need I say more?

Hormagants: 16 Hormagants, all with Iniative 5, WS4, strength 4, 1 exceptional size (S: 5 T: 4) and 1 Hive Head.

Rippers:7 Rippers. SWARM!!!

Termagants:16 Termagants, 1 with Hive Head. Or all could have BS 4 and S 5 weapons.

Raveners:2 Raveners with Rending Claws and Sything Talons, 1 with Hive Head.

Biovores:2 Biovores (a 3rd soon) with all spore mine variants. (Bio-Acid kicks Space Marine ASS)

Warriors:3 Warriors, 1 with Venom Cannon, 2 with Barbed Strangler.