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Hive Fleet Bloodhound

Hive Fleet Bloodhound, officially known in the scientific community as Hive Fleet Harbinger(it's appearance is a harbinger of impending doom), has been known to ally itself with Ulthwe(The Damned) Eldar armies, strangely enough. It would seem that the leader of the hive, Tyrant Skai, has had a change of heart and no longer follows the orders of the collective Hive Mind. It has apparently had a revelation that it would eventually doom the entire galaxy by continuing to obey the hive mind. It used its synapse powers to gain control and support in its hive fleet, and then rebelled. It ultimately crushed the forces that the Hive Mind sent to destroy this traitor, and became the ultimate Tyranid power in the galaxy. It is to be feared and respected, for is angered or threatened in any way, it will not hesitate annihilate any foe or threat to its well-being. It has come to accept the fact that sometimes alliances must be made to survive. Hence the Ulthwe/Bloodhound Alliance. Though the Ulthwe also belong to the Armies of Darkness faction, Hive Fleet Bloodhound does not.

Hive Tyrant Skai - Venom Cannon, Scything Talons, Extended Carapace, Warp Blast, Psychic Scream, Synapse Creature, The Horror. Pts: 169

Hive Tyrant Skaara - Venom Cannon, Rending Claws, Extended Carapace, Warp Blast, Psychic Scream, Synapse Creature, The Horror. Pts: 173

6 Warriors - All with: Extended Carapace. 1 w/Deathspitter & Devourer. All of the following with: Flesh hooks, Implant Attack, Scything Talons. 2 w/Venom Cannon(1 w/ Exceptional Size), 3 w/Deathspitter. Pts: 313

8 Genestealers - All standard. Pts: 128

20 Termagants - 20 w/Fleshborer, Toxin Sacs, 1 w/Hive Node Pts: 180

8 Hormagants - All with: Leaping, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Gland(WS), Scything Talons. 1 w/Hive Node, 1w/Exceptional Size. Pts: 128

3 Ripper Swarms - Pts: 30

4 Raveners - 2 w/Deathspitter & Rending Claws(1 w/Hive Node). 2 w/2 sets of Scything Talons. Pts: 198

Carnifex Netophas - Venom Cannon, Scything Talons, Extended Carapace. Pts: 153

2 Zoanthropes - Both w/Warp Blast. Pts: 108

Biovore - w/Bio-Acid Spore Mines. Pts: 56

Total Points Available: 1,643