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Newbie Strategies!

NOTE: This is not me talking!

Hey fella's, The problem with most newbies (my definition of newbie is someone that is not so good, but we all can be good if led the right way) anyways, the problem of most newbies is they are too timid, and are always defending and over-estimating your opponent. #1. Dont be shy!! You have a better chance of winning if you attack.. well, you have a MUCH better chance of winning if you attack. Don't get me wrong.. defense is important too. #2. Scout!! Many newbies tend to NEVER scout, you have to scout, it's vital for winning. You gotta know what your opponent is up to. #3. Money sitting in the back is no good to you, whenever I play with a newbie, I see the after game stats like this Minerals Mined Gas Mined Total Spent 8023 4098 5394 Always try to keep 50 minerals in the bank just incase, and in late game try to keep 400. But spend! spend! spend! #4 Why have 1 building when you have 5? Often newbies just build one of each building and that is it.. dont do that!! What's your favorite unit? Lets say.. the siege tank..k? So make 3 or 4 factories!! Crank thoes babies!! #5. Expand!! Talk to anyone that has ever played a RTS game in there life, and they'll tell you "Who ever has the most minerals/gas, is the most likely person to win.." in 89% of ladder games the person who has the most minerals wins, simply b/c more minerals=more units/upgrades. #6. I remember when I was a newbie, waaaaaaaay back around April 1st.. we all were then (except for beta's) I used to make about 7 or 8 peons, if that. I know this may sound wierd, but make twice as many units as there are crystal "chunks". As anyone, you do need that many too mine them to their maximum. Now that I got some of the basics out of the way.. here goes attacking.. When you attack (excluding rushes) have mroe than one type of unit! Mix and match your units.. I would rather have 3 dragoons and 9 zealots than 14 zealots.. Your units will compliment each other in battle. Group your units!! If you zealots are coming in to the attack and they have flying units.. just hit "2" and have you dragoons come to the rescue.. To group: Highlight the units you want to be a group, then hi CTRL-1 or whatever number you want them to be. Move with the attack button!! Or just hit "a". Doing this will make your units attack anything they see automatically rather than having to directly tell them your self..