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Yamcannon's Links Page

Html Goodies-They have some helpful html code there and it helped me put my site together

The Dystrophic Gaming Page- also about gaming of various kinds, and other interesting stuff. Click to explore.

Warhammer 40K Battle Reports- some interseting and new scenarios, how some of the battles turn out are hilarious. For example a whirlwind tank kills itself!!!!!

Nintendo 64 CheatCode Site- This site is the best place to get Nintendo 64 cheats, gliteches, etc. They even have some music!

The Taken- This site is a good place to go to find out interesting Warhammer 40,000 stuff and some special rules that you can choose to use.

My friend Ian's siteCheck it out. Interesting stuff

World War II PicsRun by Cliff Mayo, under construction, I don't know whether he will finish it. Also is part of a WW 2 Webring.

DJM CamHighly regarded as a live camera site, run by David Mason.