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The Final Part of the Goldeneye Fun Stuff/Cheats/Tips

The Guard Glitch #2 By: Brian Hutton On Bunker 2, put on any cheats that involve weapons of some sort. At the begging, use your watch attract to get the cell key. After you have gotten it, change to any gun you have and get close to the bars. When the guard comes, shoot him and then quickly get out of the prison. Although the guard is dead, he will still say"stop or I will shoot!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trevelyan won't die By: Select the Cradle (level 18) on any difficult level. Go through the level like you normaly would by shooting him until he says "Finish the job if you can!". Now follow Trevelyan until he goes down to the lower satellite hole. Now don't pop out and startle him because that will make him drop down the hole and you have to do everything all over again. Go down the flight of stairs very slowly and just peak your head through the doorway until you see ONLY his right arm and nothing else. Now if he didn't see you yet, point your gun at his arm and shoot as much as you want. But no matter how many bullets you pump into him, he doesn't die. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lateral Glitch Move By: Wall Thing ( My glitch work in single player and battle mode. When you have press the right or left c button and the player will move lateraly, but when have your target on, your feet don't move when you do it. Check it out in Multiplayer when the other guy is looking at you, it's cool. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guard Glitch By: Glenn Wigmore This is a glitch/trick for Goldeneye. In the second Surface level, level 8, right before you go into the bunker at the end, open the door to the bunker, but don't go in. Cycle through your weapons until you get to the grenade you probably picked up in the level. Throw the grenade down the stairs of the bunker right in front of you then run in. You'll be surrounded by the guys and they say "welcome to Servenya commrade!" Then the grenade goes off and kills all three of them, but bond still stands there and thinks he is captured. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoot Through The Roof By: Christopher Cherry ( This code/glitch works on the facility level in multiplayer. If you stand under the platform-just to the left of the washroom-you can shoot through ceiling, by shooting at the beam right in front of the double doors. This glitch is especially useful if in you are in License To Kill, and someone is standing up there trying to sniper you off! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throwing Knives Water Trick By: Joe Zona Get the 2x throwing knife cheat mode and activate it. Go to the first level (Dam) or level 17 (Water Caverns). Go down to the docks at the end of level 1 or the spiral cavern in level 17. Take out the throwing knives. Throw one into the water. It will land in the water but still be visible. Take out a gun (the Sniper rifle or AR33 work best) and shoot at it. After a hit it will appear at the edge of wherever you threw them from! It works any place where you can reach the water with the knives and shoot them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVER KILL By: JoshG99999 This is a cool glitch for multiplayer. Play Multiplayer in any level with any character. When some body dies don't press start for the character to return. After they have faded, shoot the spot that the character faded in. It will make the same sound that it makes when you shoot somebody. If you shoot in the right spot the bullets will not hit the floor. After you are done pumping lead into the invisible character, press start on their controller. Find the player and they should be really bloody. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Splish Splash By: You can hear the the sounds of water when you shoot into toilets. You can also, however, hear the same at the complex: Go to the v walkways and fire down into he black center. You'll hear splashing like when you shot in the toilets. It's easier to hear if you use a silent pp7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Floating Dead By: Duros Bith Play multi player in the Facility. (2 for best view, maybe 3 or 4) It should put a player in the air duct.(If not kill a player enough times and it will reset you there sooner or later) Once player 1 is in the duct have that player move to the edge of the hole above the toilet but dont drop down yet. Have player 2 go to the toilet stall right under the hole and look up. Then have the player in the shaft move back and forth on the edge of the hole without falling. It should look to player 2 like player 1 is floating in and out of the hole in the ceiling. Get it to look like player 1 is floating in mid air and have player 2 kill him. He shold die in mid air and fade away. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strange Glitch By: WeaveDog Maker sure you have beaten the game on 00 Agent and have the all guns code and 007 mode(Infinate ammo helps too). Play the first surface level and play the level like normal, completing all the objectives. Once you have all but the last objective done (the one where you enter the ventilation tower) go to the helicopter landing pad. Go to the door and atempt to open it, the alarm will go off. Now switch to any of the explosive weapons and the icons for the ammo will be totally messed up, and somtimes the rocket on the rocket luancher is green!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play the Terminator game By: Hue Gass This isn't really a code its a fun game for Goldeneye. You must have 3 players. First player will be Arnold, chose Jaws. The second player will be John Conner, he will pick Oddjob. The thrid player will be the T-100, he will pick the helicopter pilot or whoever he wants. John will put his health at -4, the T-100 will put his at +4 and the Terminator will be at 0. Put the weapons on Power Weapons, Let the Terminator get the shotgun and thats the only weapon he can use, The T-100 gets the DD44 Destroyer. Player 1 and 3 will close there eyes and John Conner will hide. Then they open there eyes and The Teminator must find John and Protect him while killing the T-100, The T-100 must kill the Terminator and John. Its a pretty fun game, especially when Goldeneye starts to get boring. For a 4th player let them be the girl scientist and pretend shes Sarah Conner and she has just escaped from the menal institution and is helping the Terminator, she gets to use the Cougar Magnum. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See Through Glitch By: Brett H ( My trick is on the first surface level.Go to the fenced in area and follow the road to the other two buildings.Go to the left building and look back and you can see a mound on your left go to the mound and get close to the wooded boundry.You should be able to see threw the wall and you can see purple guy coming from a distance, and you can shoot through it to. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twin Assault Rifles By: This trick is VERY useful. On the water caverns level. Go to the area where you contact Jack Wade on the radio (the area with two huge glass walls and lots of toxic barrels) once you get there kill everyone in the room.Go to the area (in the room) where there are several small window panes between white bars. There will be several boxes. Shoot the one on your far right in the back. When you do, to smaller boxes will fall out, shoot those and two computer monitors will fall out of those. Finnaly shoot those and walk over them, you will have twin USAR 33 Assault Rifles ! Note: if you have the golden PP7, use it to blow up the boxes quicker. But its not required. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Easier Mixed Weapons Trick By: R.J. Powell If your having trouble with the "mixed weapons" cheat, here's an easier and more customizable cheat. First, you need a paired weapon and select it. (you only need 1 pair, not two, and make sure you have some ammo for each) Next, press the fire button. When/if the weapon on the left fires, quickly press A and scroll to the other weapon. (you shouldn't see the other weapons) and quickly fire. the left weapon should stay. this takes a while and some practice but it's worth it for a little more choice in mixed weapons. the weapon swith can also seem some what random but dont be discouraged. P.S. For a little fun, try 2x hunting knives with sniper rifle butt! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kill Jaws Easily By: Chad Kraus ( If you have gotten the Aztec level, you probably know that you must confront Jaws in it. An easy way to kill him is to run around the corner and wait for him to chase you. kneel down behind the corner and as soon as he comes around it shoot his knees with an assult riffle while kneeling. He's so tall he doesn't even see you down there! He will die pretty quickly this way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Floating Ammo By: Thomas Stitt64 Note: This is kind of an add-on to the floating mines cheat. There is a way to not only float mines, but different ammo, too. First, turn on all guns (invincibility if you have it because there will be a lot of explosions) and go to the bunker (it doesn't matter which one, just not multiplayer). Now plant mines on four of the eight monitors hanging from the ceiling in the main operation room, and denotate them. Now, as you know, whenever you release any type of mine, it will float in mid-air. But now try throwing knives and hand grenades! Now try shooting grenades with the launcher and shooting rockets with the tanks and the launcher. As you notice, they can all float. If you shoot a floating grenade or rocket, it will blow up and may cause a chain reaction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2X RC P90 and a Super Shotgun in the Caverns By: Yoshi 64 Go to the caverns in agent, and beat it with taking out ALL people. Chase Trevlen into the elevator, but don't go in! At the place were you have an option to go dowstairs or upstairs, go upstairs and walk around. Soon enuff three guys will come out. Kill them and one of them should have 2 RC P90! If he does not, wait awhile and they will apeare again. Wait a long time and one will have a super shotgun! Just wait for more people to come out and pump them full of lead! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Fast Glitch By: King Man Turn on Fast Animation, Turbo, and invincibility helps. Anyway go to the Cradle and then go to the control console and blow it up. Then follow Trevelyan. It's funny!! He runs all over the place REALLY fast. It's especially funny when he runs down a slope. He actually flies down it, literally. :)... Now kill him and then go to the last part (the antenae thingy that you kill Trevelyan on) then let James jump to the helicopter. He will fly off without it! Then he will stop in mid-air and wait for it. :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bunch of Weird Stuff By: Witheld by Request I have stumbled across a number of mysterious places in Goldeneye. I don't know the purpose of any of them, but they are there. Dam: All the way at the end of the level, when you reach the dam itself, climb down to the lowest level, by the docks. Get out your sniper rifle and go to the edge of either of the platforms by the water and zoom in across towards the base of the mountains in front of you. Scroll left and right until you find a tower and building toward the left. Facility: This is found toward the beginning of the level. Before you do it it's best to kill all the nearby gaurds upstairs and downstairs (before the remotely locked security door). Next, when you go downstairs straight from the restrooms, you will be in front of the door with the control panel inside. Turn left and go to the end of the hall, in front of a single door. Turn right and take a few steps forward, then turn left. There will be double doors in front of you. Go through them, and there are two corners in this series of hallways. At each corner, look straight up. The ceiling is high and there are vents going across the top. At one corner, there are two that criss-cross. On top of on of these is a long line of glass test-tubes and bottles that can be destroyed. Silo: If you kill Ourumov in time he drops a strange metal briefcase and a keycard, when looked at in your inventory is just a period. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archive Glitch By: Nick Burns ( This is not useful but it`s pretty neto freto. In the Military Archive after you find Natalya and completed all the objectives go to the library to escape. Blast the windo but don`t jump out. Insted, turn around and look at Natalya.Then quickly shoot and kill her then jump out the window. If you do it quickly and completad all the objectives you should see just yourself running down the ally but no Natalya, yet you will also still beat the level. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scroll Through Weapons Backwards By: James Allik I'm not sure if anyone knew you could scroll through your weapons menu backwards, but I found it to be pretty cool. All you have to do is hold A and then tap the Z button, or you hit both at the same time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Floating Mines Everywhere By: DBN64 via This code allows you to float mines anywhere! First go to the bunker in battle mode, make sure you have remote mines as your weapon. Plant eight mines on the TVs that hang from the ceiling. After every TV has a mine on it go to the detonator and blow them all up. Now refill on mines and toss one. Nothing happens, but if you back up you will see a mine floating! You can plant mines anywhere in the Bunker after the code has been done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weird Trick By: Wesley Oldaker ( This trick is weird. It's importance is still unknown. Go to the silo on any skill level with the golden PP7 cheat on, and when you come to Urumov, shoot him with it. He will die leaving behind a briefcase and key. Press start and look on your item list and you should see the item "Urumov's briefcase" and "." which represents the key. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Explode Mines Watchless By: Dovostei and DBN64 via You can actually blow up remote mines without using the detonator. First, toss the mine as usual but instead of going to the detonator watch, press A and B at the same time. The mine automatically blows up and you still stay on the mine weapons screen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golden Boy By: Shaun Willmert ( When you get the golden PP7 go to the Facilty, go to 006 and shoot him in the hand. Usually he says "Why James?" and starts shooting at you but wheen you use the golden PP7 he says "SO THE GOLDEN BOYS A TRAIDER". This is a prity neat cheat. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mountain Sound By: Casey Bernard ( In order to do this trick you must have the enemy rockets code. If you do turn it on then go to level 1. Get past all the bad guys then go on top of the dam. Get on top of the look out towers and shoot the mountains with the rocket launcher. You should hear the same noise when a enemy drops his weapon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer on Wall Glitch By: Casey Bernard ( First go to the first surface level,then kill the enemies in front of the two cabins(one to the right and left), go in the cabin on the right. Look through the window on the door and get out the sniper rifle. Then shoot out all the windows on the other cabin. Instantly a computer should show up on the wall of the cabin you shot the windows out of. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Weapons By: Enigma 1: On the train, in the room you enter with all the boxes when you first start, blow up the last box at the end of the room. When you do that, you will find a hidden RCP-90. 2: On the water caverns level, go to the room with the radio in it. Go right, to the area where you can see the water, and there are a few boxes. Blow up the box on the right, and a smaller box comes out! Blow up that one, and the one after that, then pick up the Assault Rifle, look for a silver box, and blow that up, you should get another Assault Rifle, so now you have one in each hand! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the Guards By: Ness ( Try standing by a guard or looking at him through a sniper rifle. He will do lots of funny things like scratch himself in several places, swing at flys nearby and even sneeze loudly. It's cool to watch. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Scene By: Ness ( Go to the Depot and find the train, open the doors but DON'T shoot the guards. Just run in and it will show an extra cinema scene of Bond shooting the two guards with whatever weapon you had out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pair Up in Multi-Player By: Nintendo There is a trick which allows you to have doubles or triples of characters in GoldenEye 007's three- and four-player modes. The following example shows you how to have three of the same characters in a four-player game. Once you understand how it works, you can use it in a three-player match, or to have 2 matched pairs of players. 1. Start a four-player match in the multi-player mode, and pick the character you want to "multiply" as Player 4. 2. Pick any other characters for Players 1, 2 and 3. 3. Change the number of Players from 4 to 3, go to the Characters screen again, and select Player 4's character to be Player 3. Pick any characters for Players 1 and 2. 4. Change the number of Players from 3 to 2, go to the Characters screen again, and select Player 4's character to be Player 2. Pick any character for Player 1. 5. Change the number of Players back to 4 and start the game. Players 2, 3 and 4 will be the same character. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Info on Awards By: Nick Fisher I've found a cool little feature in GoldenEye's multiplayer mode. After everything is all done and it shows who was first, second, ect., press left on your analog control stick three times. You can get an award, whether it be The Lemmings Award (This is what suicides will get you!), Longest Innings Award (Your prize for being alive the longest!) and Most Frantic (Just run around alot, and this award is yours!). Hope you have fun getting prizes. Everybody will get some. Along with prizes, you can also see your percentage of shots made and that stuff. Good Awards: Double Kill: if you kill both other players in one hit Ac-10: Armor Class-10...means you were extemely difficult to hit. Most Deadly - whoops da most ass , mostly goes to best player Most Honorable - dosent use cheap tricks to win, and fights fair Most Professional - dosen't mess around, goes for head shots and stuff like that Marksmanship Award - most accurate shots and heardly misses Longest Innings - the one who stays alive the longest Bad Awards: Most Cowardly - the person that tries to stay out of the fight and tries to hide in a corner Most Dishonorable - fights dirty and dosent play fair Most Frantic - the person who runs around a lot and is crazy Mostly Harmless - hardly didnt kill anyone and really sucks at fighting Where's The Armor? - didnt get any armor Where's The Ammo? - didnt get any ammo Shortest Innings - the one who stays alive the shortest Lemmings Award - the most suicides It also seems that there are two other awards that we have missed. They are... Triple Kill - Just like the double kill only this time it involves three people. (Remember, you killing yourself and two other people counts!) Quadruple Kill - This dosen't happen very often. You must kill the three other players and yourself in the four player mode. The game actually calls it Quad kill and (I'm not lying) it says this on the status screen after the game is over: Quad Kill (Doh!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Massacre By: Go to the bottling room on the second level. Talk with Trevelan. When he is done talking, go up the steps beside the exit. Go through the door and go up the second set of steps. Go to the balcony. The enemies won't be able to get through the door, and you'll be able to shoot the men as they stand beside the door. Try waiting until thirtee men are standing there, and the blast them with a gun, or maybe a bomb. This is just fun!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kneel with Sniper Rifle By: You can kneel with the sniper rifle even though when you press C down it zooms out. What you do is pick any weapon then kneel with that weapon, and while your still holding the R shoulder button, cycle until you get to the sniper rifle. Now your kneeling and using the scope on the rifle. What ever you do don't let go of the R button. When you do get the sniper rifle you can still zoom in and out and he won't get up. If you do let go of the R button and press it again he'll stand up. Enjoy being like a real sniper. This is most usefull in the dam and surface1 levels. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rigging the World By: Star0Wars0 In multiplayer you can rig all the devices including guns and ammo. This can only be used with mines but is best used with proximaty mines. Pick up a gun or ammo or mines. Remember where it was. Throw a mine on the ammo box or gun. If using proximaty mines when the ammo or gun reappears your enemy will see it but hopefully not the mine and get blown to smitherines. This also works on Body Armour. And it blows up the body armour so the enemy or you can't pick it up for a couple of minutes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiplayer Goodies By: Although not really a glitch, I find that this feature in the Multiplayer Mode is sometimes overlooked. I've found a cool little feature in GoldenEye's multiplayer mode. After everything is all done and it shows who was first, second, ect., press left on your analog control stick three times. You can get an award, whether it be The Lemmings Award (This is what suicides will get you!), Longest Innings Award (Your prize for being alive the longest!) and Most Frantic (Just run around alot, and this award is yours!). Hope you have fun getting prizes. Everybody will get some. Along with prizes, you can also see your percentage of shots made and that stuff. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Floating Lock Trick By: Joe Atkins To do this glitch you must first put the Enemy Rockets Cheat on then go to the Arkangelesk Dam (Level 1) kill some enemys and grab their rockets, then head for the gate with a lock on it towards the end of the level get your rockets out and shoot one at the gate's lock and when the smoke clears there will be a broken lock floating in mid-air! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zoom-In Further By: Dylan Brodie This isn't really a trick, but it's helpful and I don't think many people know about this. When you have the sniper rifle, zoom in as far as it can go, and the press and hold the top C button, and you should zoom in a little farther, enough to get a nasty headshot on a far away enemy. You can also zoom back with the bottom C button. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kill Guys Through Doors By: Ben Egan You might already know that you can see guys through door. But did you know you can shot them! If a piece of body is showing you can aim and shot it. It will injure the enemy! This is good for when there are a lot of guys waiting for you to open the door. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juggling Knives By: Nick Fisher Go to an open stage in goldeneye with throwing knives code on. Press down C and hold until you are looking straight up. Then tap top c twice so you will be lined up correctly and will throw the knives and they will land on you and you'll catch them. Then, arm the knives and start pressing fire over and over again, and you'll catch and throw knives forever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warping Item Box By: Josh Anderson This trick is very useful if you are playing against someone who really knows their way around. It can be used only in multiplayer mode. First of all, start a new game in any level.(I think it works in all, but I've only tried the water caverns) Then get to an item box with anything in it. Then all you have to do is shoot the item box around until it is where you want it(behind doors and crates is the best. If you get the item box, have no fear. It will appear right where you got it from, and will never go back to its original spot (unless you put it there). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weird Stuck-in-the-Wall Glitch By: Steve Shannon I came across this little glitch on accident. Once you get the Cougar Magnum code, use it to play the first level, the Dam. When you get to the two guards inside a barrier shooting at you through a small hole, sneak up around them and shoot the one on the left with the Magnum. The guard will fall backwards and then jump right up the wall and slip through the hole they were shooting you through! When I did it, I didn't get a fatal hit the first time, so he got up and came back down through the hole again. I shot him and he got stuck again but this time he stayed there! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waxed Battle Floors By: Mills Perry I've found a cool glitch in Battle Mode (Any type). Just simply have one person kneel and go in front of another person. The kneeling person will be sliding on their foot and knee. It's pretty cool. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Texture Bugs By: Nintendojo On Surface 2 and sometimes Surface 1, trees in the back can be rendered after trees in the front, therefore putting the trees far away in front of the trees close to you. This is best shown when walking by the left wall when coming from the small place past the fenced houses and facing towards the fenced houses. This also seems to happen with semi-transparent textures, ie hand rails and rail supports. Examples are on the cradle, further fences are rendered closest, and on the facility level with toilets when looking at the stairs rails. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Truck Glitch By: Nintendojo In the first level, when you open the security gates for the truck, if you walk too close to the car in front of it, it's possible to get stuck. The truck will then stop and trap you. You can still shoot and turn, but you can't move. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Different 2X Weapons By: Nintendo Power This trick allows the Bond in you to rampage around with two DIFFERENT guns a-blazin'. Fun like this simply can't be equalled! Here's how you do it: In some GoldenEye levels, you can find some weapons that can be "paired," so Bond can hold one in each hand. In most places, the game limits you to two of the same weapon. To a limited extent, you can use the following trick to mix the types of weapons you have paired. To do this trick, you must have two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other in your weapon list, and some ammo for each gun. One example of this is the Military Archives, where you can have two Dostoveis and two Klobbs. If you can open the All Weapons cheat, nearly all of your weapons will be paired. You'll also need to use a trick that lets you cycle backwards through your weapons--if you press and hold A, then tap the Z button, you can cycle through your weapons in reverse order. Once you're ready to try the trick, cycle through your weapons until you have two of the second set of weapons ready (For example, in the Archive, have your two Klobbs selected). You'll need to do the following steps fairly quickly: Press and hold the A button. Before you cycle forward, press Z twice. Release the A button. Press A once. Press Z to fire two or three times to fire while you are changing weapons. If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the weapons on screen in the middle of changing weapons, leaving you with a mixed pair. There you have it! Shootin' in style. One of our more favorite combos is the golden PP7 and the Moonraker laser. Have fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Weapons By: Nintendojo Complete GoldenEye on 00 Agent mode and you get the ALL WEAPONS cheat. You will now be able to switch it on in the cheat menu and can select from the whole arsenal in the game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get the Golden Gun in Level 20 By: DJ Cassady via This is possibly the hardest task in Goldeneye 007. And it's a spolier, so if you don't want to read on and find out for yourself, then stop here! Go straight to the tomb the Golden Gun is hidden in. Open the door. Step in onto the first square and step three squares to the left. Go three up, then go three right. Then go two squares up, one left, one up, one left, then go two up and one right, and the sliding glass will move down. YES! Circle around to get the gun and the ammo, and then exit out of the side door. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warping Natalya Glitch By: Dan Bourque ( ) This may not be "useful", but it's still fun! In the Statue Park (level 10) rescue Natalya from the plane, and quickly run to where the flight recorder would be after the plane explodes. When you get it, run to the gates where Natalya would be being held prisoner. As you run to the gate, you should see another Natalya running to the gate as you instructed her to do so. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make 2nd and 3rd 4th Player the Same Character By:,, & Derek Kisman via N64HQ You already have a trick posted for goldeneye stating how to be Xenia with 2 people in multiplayer using players 3 and 4, well the same trick works with player 2 and 3, making for 4. (For having all Travelan)...Just select two player mode, have player two select Trevlyan as his player, then switch it to three player mode. I figure that the trick works because of the autoselect feature for the characters (E.G. player 1 is bond, player 2 is natalya, 3 is trevlyan, and 4 is Xenia) well, because it automatically selects trevlyan for player three two people have him selected, and the only reason it works is because they didn't write a routine in the code to check for character duping except in the character selection screen. You wan't a clearer version of this?.... Method: Set "# of players" to 4, enter Character Selection, and pick whichever character you want for the 4th player (players 1-3 don't matter). Set "# of players" to 3, enter Character Selection, and pick whichever character you want for the 3rd player (players 1-2 don't matter). Set "# of players" to 2, enter Character Selection, and pick whichever character you want for the 1st and 2nd players. Now set "# of players" to 4 and start the game! (You can also do this in the 3-player mode.) The only limitation is that players one and two can never be the same character. Aside from that, anything works. Example: You want player 1 to be Bond, and players 2, 3, and 4 to be Trevelyan in a 4-player game. You set "# of players" to 4, and set player 4 to be Trevelyan. You set "# of players" to 3, and set player 3 to be Trevelyan. You set "# of players" to 2, and set player 1 to be Bond, and player 2 to be Trevelyan. You set "# of players" to 4 and start the game. Example: You want players 1 and 3 to be Jaws in a 3-player game, and player 2 to be Bond. You set "# of players" to 3, and set player 3 to be Jaws. You set "# of players" to 2, and set player 1 to be Jaws, and player 2 to be Bond. You set "# of players" to 3 and start the game. Example: You want players 1 and 4 to be Xenia, and players 2 and 3 to be Mayday in a 4-player game. (This makes for a really cool team game!) You set "# of players" to 4, and set player 4 to Xenia. You set "# of players" to 3, and set player 3 to Mayday. You set "# of players" to 2, and set player 1 to Xenia and player 2 to Mayday. You set "# of players" to 4, and start the game. (Actually, you can combine steps 1 and 2 here, but it's easier to remember this way.) Example: You want players 1, 2, 3, and 4 to be Bond in a 4-player game. Tough. Players 1 and 2 must be different. :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Floating Mine By: Steven Tyber When playing, throw a mine onto a glass surface then shoot the glass until it breaks. Strangely the mine is in midair and does not fall on the ground. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magnum Mode By: VGS via N64HQ Now you can be both James Bond and Dirty Harry. Choose this mode after you've beaten the game as an agent, and you'll have a Magnum with you for every open stage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Players Three and Four can be Xenia By: Marty Chinn of N64HQ Go into the multi-player mode. Set it to three players and enter the character selection. Have player three select Xenia. After you exit this, change the number of players to four and start the game. Now players three and four will be Xenia. This glitch appears to only work with Xenia. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Multiplayer Stages By: VGS via N64HQ After beating the second Severnaya bunker, the military archive, and the water cavern stages in agent mode, the areas open up for multi-player play for two to three people. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Multiplayer Characters By: After you pass the game on Agent level, 33 characters in total will open up for the multiplayer modes to choose from! You can be 33 different people! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aztect Stage By: VGS via N64HQ If you beat the game on the secret agent difficulty setting, this extra stage opens up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laser Mode By: VGS via N64HQ Once you've beaten the Aztec stage on the 00 agent difficulty setting, the laser mode opens up as a cheat option. Remember Moonraker? Yep. This gun is just about the best weapon in the game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Egyptian Stage By: VGS via N64HQ If you beat the game on the 00 agent difficulty setting, this extra stage opens up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golden Gun Mode By: VGS via N64HQ Once you've beaten the Egyptian stage on the 00 agent difficulty setting, the golden gun mode opens up as a cheat option. This gun is a one-shot one-kill weapon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Goldeneye Time Cheats By: Nintendo Power Level Cheat Difficulty Time Level 1 - Dam Paintball Mode Secret Agent 2:40 Level 2 - Facility Invincibility 00 Agent 2:05 Level 3 - Runway (Big Head) DK Mode Agent 5:00 Level 4 - Surface 2x Grenade Launcher Secret Agent 3:30 Level 5 - Bunker 2x Rocket Launcher 00 Agent 4:00 Level 6 - Silo Turbo Mode Agent 3:00 Level 7 - Frigate No Radar (Multi) Secret Agent 4:30 Level 8 - Surface2 Tiny Bond 00 Agent 4:15 Level 9 - Bunker2 2x Throwing Knives Agent 1:30 Level 10 - Statue Fast Animation Secret Agent 3:15 Level 11 - Archives Invisibility 00 Agent 1:20 Level 12 - Streets Enemy Rockets Agent 1:45 Level 13 - Depot Slow Animation Secret Agent 1:30 Level 14 - Train Silver PP7 00 Agent 5:25 Level 15 - Jungle 2x Hunting Knives Agent 3:45 Level 16 - Control Infinite Ammo Secret Agent 10:00 Level 17 - Caverns 2x RC-P90s 00 Agent 9:30 Level 18 - Cradle Gold PP7 Agent 2:15 Level 19 - Aztec 2x Lasers Secret Agent 9:00 Level 20 - Egyptian All Guns 00 Agent 6:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 007 Mode By: Andrew Turi via N64HQ After you beat every single level, including the hidden Aztec and Egyptian stages, on the "00 Agent" difficulty setting, a special "007 mode" opens up. The 007 mode is a level editor where you can configure options such as enemy health, reaction time, accuracy, and more.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level Weapons By: Ken Lobb via There are four difficulty levels in Goldeneye 007 (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent, and 007 Mode). By defeating each difficulty level's final mission (with the exception of 007 mode), a new weapon becomes usable. On Agent, beat the Antenna Cradle and get the Cougar Magnum. On Secret Agent, beat the Aztec Complex and get the Moonraker Laser. On 00 Agent, beat the Egyptian Temple and get the Golden Gun. Well, this is the end of it all. GL.