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Goldeneye Fun Stuff/Cheats Part THREE

Get into the Steel Boxes By: Eric ( To get into the steel boxes, select multiplayer and then go to Military Archives or any other level with steel boxes. Take out a weapon and shoot the box until it explodes. Then kneel down and crawl to the box. You will be inside with only your head and part of your arms showing. You can only see the inside of the box, but when they get close start shooting and they will get hit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cops and Robbers Game By: The Stu This is a game that I made up. It should be played with 3-4 players. Pick the bunker level and you can play cops and robbers. Get the cop to be the helicopter pilot. The robbers can be anyone in black. The cop closes his eyes for 20 seconds and the robbers can hide in that time period. Just play this on normal setting. The robbers must try to find a gun and if the cop catches them with a gun he must try to shoot them. One shot and they must go to the holding cell. He stays there until the other robber comes and opens the cell. If the cop gets shot he is dead for 20 seconds. Once you are in jail 3 times ( or whatever you prefer) you become the cop. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paintbrush Weapon By: Mike Wilbur To get a paintbrush for a weapon in the one player game do the following: Go to the Dam Kill the guys that get in your way if you have to, but don't pick up any guns Go to the tower with the Sniper Rifle De-select your PP7 and choose your hand Pick up the Sniper Rifle Hit "A" 3 times Quickly To get a paintbrush in Multi-Player do the following: Go To Multiplayer Set gun to Sniper Rifles Set Mode To Anyone except the man with the Golden Gun Select any character Start any Level Don't pick up an items Pick up only the Sniper Rifle but don't press anything Press "A" Twice Quickly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Underneath the Truck By: Sloug Ok, this isn't a valuable cheat but its pretty cool. First, Put on Tiny Bond. Then, go to the Dam on any difficulty.When the truck pulls out you can go underneath it.Simpily, go infront of the truck and crouch down and move underneath it. You will go beneath the truck and it will run over you.(NOTE: Do not stay under too long because when the truck goes up to the gate you cannot get out from beneath!!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weird Sounds 2 By: Trevor Corde & Ryan Zavras ( You need all weapons (or double throwing knifes), and infinite ammo cheat for this glitch. Go to any level and aim at the sky through 14 knifes in the air. Then pull out a gun when you fire it the gun will sound strange. This effect will last for about 30 seconds. This was just an expansion on Mark Devonshire ( ) Weird sounds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another Float Glitch By: DRDRIVER For this glitch you need All Guns and Infinite ammo. Go to any of the 2 bunkers and go to the main control room (Where the computers are hanging from the celing) and place 4 Remote mines on ONE set of the computers, If done corractly, guys will die with guns in their hands,computers float, guys hats stay on their heads, and also things float!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Give Another Player A Cheat By: It has never been heard of before "giving another player a cheat". First one player must have more codes than the other. Pick a code that is furth down the list than the other players, select it BUT do not let go of a, hit b twice go in to who you want to have it, go in to there cheat page (hit Z not A you are still holding A down.) hit Z play any level and the cheat is on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Weapon: Null By: Pat ( First do the floating ammo trick on Bunker #1. Then shoot a rocket. After that look in your inventory for a blank space. Unpause. The ammo looks like Rocket Launcher ammo, but then pause and look at the name. One minor problem, anyone know how to fire it? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yet Another Glitch By: Steve ( First you need to have Game Shark first put in the Go Anywhere In Archives code (880CD784 0001) go to the locked door and press the GS button 3 times and bullets will come out of your weapon and make the door black no matter what weapon it is. Say you have throwing knives and you make the door black then you go up to some one and push the GS button you will hit them with a bullet even though you don't have a gun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Bond By: Insert the GameShark and plug in your Mad Catz steering wheel. Now turn on the system. Immediately spin the wheel all the way left and hold down both gas pedals after the rotating Nintendo disappears. Keep on holding these down. When it shows James Bond walking and a guy is looking at him through his scope, release these buttons. Bond Uniform will be red. P.S. You'll also be red in multiplayer mode, too -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look Under Bond's Boat By: Ryan ( Select the "Tiny Bond" cheat and go to the Frigate. Any difficulty level will do. Now start the level. As soon as you start, duck down and look under Bond's seats of his little boat. You should see an empty blue area, and if you move your gun over the area, it "sticks" to this strange texture. You can also look and the underside of the boat and the ocean. Its like having a glass bottom boat!! (Just don't go forward, or you'll warp on top of the seats. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weird Sounds By: Mark Devonshire ( You need infinite ammo cheat, and all guns cheat (or justing 2xhunting knifes) for this cheat. Go to any Surface level, get out 2xhunting knifes and go right up against the trees than throw about 10 to 14 knifes into the trees then take out any gun and fire a shot it will sound all weird. (it only last for about 30 seconds then you have to do it again) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dead Natalya By: JFec041644 Put a gun cheat on and go to Bunker 2. Start talking to Natalya, when Bond and Natalya are done talking kill Natalya. Talk to the guard and when Bond and the guard are done talking, Natalya will say, that worked well even know she is dead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slap while carrying the flag By: Nick Tuttle ( First you must pick flag tag.Second pick "slappers only".Now choose the level.When you see the flag ,press the trigger.Holding down the trigger walk over the flag, keep holding the trigger or you will stop slapping. Now you can slap with the flag. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walking Up the Wall Glitch By: STECKMAN64 ( For this trick what you need most of all is the Gameshark. Next, put in the go everywhere in Archives Multiplayer (880CD784 0001). Go to Multiplayer Archives. Have player one go to a locked door and press the GS button. Three shots should be fired and the door will be completely black. Have a player go through the door and out the windows. You can go out the library windows or the upstairs windows. Have another player go outside. Now, no one kill each other! Have one of the outside players try to get in through the downstairs windows. Have the other outside player watch them. You should see the other player walking up the walls and ending up right next to the blown away door. Really funny. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spy through the drain By: Morton ( On the Dam level, go behind the boxes and the building where you have to install the covert modem, there is a grill on the floor. By looking down you can see the underground room where the computer terminals are located. Eventually one of the soldiers will walk by and you can pop a cap in the mothers skull! NB: If you have mines or grenades, drop one on the grill and when it explodes it will clear the computer room of soldiers. But it also blows up the data terminal to which you attach the modem. Damn! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mine Pole By: Sniper 9689 Turn on the All Guns, Infinite Ammo, and Invincibility (only if your worried you'll get killed) cheat codes. Enter a mission with plenty of walls in it. Go through and kill everybody you can find on the stage and go to an empty spot on a wall. Switch your weapons to remote mines and stand in one spot facing the wall. Without moving throw 35 mines on the wall in the same exact spot. Move around with the wall parallel to you and look. If done correctly a long string of mines will stick off the wall creating a mine pole. After you put more than 37 mines down they start to dissapear. It is possible to still hang the mines in mid-air connecting to the pole making a mine pole connecting to nothing. The dissapeared mines won't blow up though. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shorter Buildings in Streets Glitch By: Jeff ( You must have Gameshark to perform this trick. First, you need to activate "Shoot Through Most Stuff" cheat for streets. Then select streets. Then your ready to go shoot some buildings! The buildings at the start and end will not get shorter by being shot at. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hear James Cough By: Josh Searcy ( Go to any place in the Facility that has the gas tanks in it. Simply shoot the tanks, wait for the gas to fill up the room, and then James will start to cough and lose life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freeze The Game By: Marshall Beachy ( Use Tiny Bond and go into Cradle. Go right to the end, where you have to go that final platform. Trevelan doesn't have to be there. Now, crouch and walk off the end. The game will seemingly freeze. However, the only thing that freezes is you. Bad guys will eventually come and kill you. Just plain weird. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All-Characters Code By: Nintendo Official Site This is a long code -- 10 steps -- and may take a few tries to enter properly. You can do this code anywhere, but it's best to do it on the Multi-Player Character Select screen while looking at the last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite). Then: Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left. Hold the L Button and press C-Up. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Left on the digital Control Pad (NOT the Control Stick). Note: Doing this will select a different character on-screen. This is supposed to happen. Hold the L Button and press Right on the Control Pad. Hold the R Button and press Down on the Control Pad. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left. Hold the L Button and press C-Up. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Right on the Control Pad. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Down. Hold the L Button and press Down on the Control Pad. No sound is made to indicate the code was successfully entered. If you entered the code correctly, you will be able to select from nearly double the characters you had access to before. Note that this code will open all of the hidden characters, even if you haven't finished the game. One drawback is, your game will not save this code, so you'll have to re-enter it every time you want to use the extra characters. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invisible Mine Trick By: Ellis Cohen This trick works for all mine but I prefer proximity. To make a mine invisible for a little bit of time, throw a mine onto an ammo box and then pick up the box and get away from it. When you pick up the box, the box disapears, and so does the mine. If anyone goes near that area in a short period of time after dropping the mine they will be blown away and will be very confused on how they died! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoot During the Ending Scenes By: RPDragon3 Set the controlls to "Domino" Complete a stage On controller 2, press Z You will fire with whatever Bond is holding during the scene. Pretend that the camera view is Bond's regular view. You can shoot Natalya in stages like the archives and Bond won't care, you can still comlete the mission. In the Egyptian Temple, you can shoot Baron Samedi with the Golden Gunand he will die, or you can shooot Mishkin and your captors at the end of the Statue Park stage. You can also shoot the guards at the end of Surface 2. It is lots of fun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get in the front of the Train By: Jason McCloud This is a really cool glitch. If you have a Gameshark enter in the destroy almost everything code for the Train (see the Gameshark part of the code center). Turn on the invincible code and if you want to put on the all guns and infinite ammo code. Beat the level (it doesn't matter if you fail your missions or not) after everything blows up in the Train go back in and you can destroy the gate that comes down that seperates you from Alec. You can also blow up the other gate that prevents you from going back through Train. When you go back where Alec was you see the creators of the game put some detail in the front of the Train. There has to be a reason why they did that. I can't figure out why. There is also a locked door that no matter what you can't go through it. I think that Xenia or Alec has the key and unless you kill them and get back there you will not be able to open the door. Once I got back there with turbo mode on. I was face to face with Xenia but I was using rocket launchers and they were re-loading so I didn't kill her and she just disipeared. I know you can kill her because once I didn't have the destroy almost everything code on but I ran in and shot a rocket launcher in the back and Xenia said "Alec wait, I am hit". Them she died. I am still trying to kill her or Alec so that I might be able to get the key and find out what is on the other side of the door. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stuck in the door By: Chris Gibson ( You will need Tiny Bond and the Egyptian stage to do this. Go to where the exit is at the place where you get the golden gun. Go through the first door and open the second but don't go through it. Duck down and face the left wall in the little tunnel. Close the door and then look to your right. You will either see the blue sky or the dark sky. Also, you will be stuck in the door but if you open the door you can get out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moving paint By: Chris Gibson ( You need paintball mode to do this. On facility, go out of the bathroom and down the stairs. Shoot the door in front of you so the door is almost covered in paint. Open the door and then the paint will go onto the wall. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Massive Head Injuries 2 By: Michael Boland ( You must have Bond Invisible and to make it easier infinte ammo in your cheat menu for this glitch. When you come out of the elevator in the caverns, there will be some officers and Trevelyan. You can tell which one is Trevelyan because he has a big nose. Don't kill the other two. Take out any gun and keep on shooting Trevelyan in the head. He won't run away cause he can't see you, but he doesn't die either. He just stands there. Dumbo. When you quit the mission it will say Shots:However many you shot Head hits: However many times you shot Trevelyan in the head. Kills:0 An easier way to do the massive head injuries code. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can't throw anymore By: Josh Using the unlimited ammo cheat and the all weapons cheat, go to a level with placeable machinery. (the dam, the frigate, or the silo) Start to throw all of the special item that you can. After throwing many of these items you won't be able to throw them anymore. Now when you switch to rocket launchers, you won't be able to shoot any rockets. Sometimes it will mess up your grenade launchers too. You can also just sit there and stack the gadgets too, creating towers and outcroppings in the level. The covert modems and trackers can even be shot off of each other. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timed Mines To Remote Mines By: Patrick Chung Go to Surface Two and throw the mine that you were suppose to throw at the helicopter. It will say that it won't work any more, but if you push "A" and "B" at the same time when you are holding mines that you don't have any more. It will explode. Here's another thing you can do, throw it on the helicoptor and push "A" and "B" at the same time and it will explode before the time runs out. Then when the time runs out it will explode again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weird Bullet Marks and Ammo Signs By: Turn on enemy rockets and go to the first surface. Go to the bunker door and set off the alarm. A soldier with a weird head and 4 other soldiers will come out. Kill them all. Now go to the satellite dish and shut down the main controls. Shoot at something, and it looks really weird.You can really tell if you have paintball mode on. Also some of your ammo signs (bottom right corner)will be messed up(throwing knives, exploding weapons). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strange Slo-Mo Stuff By: Callan Skuthorpe Before doing these, select the slow motion cheat. 1a. Play the "Depot" level (agent mode will suffice), and run directly to the train. DON'T KILL THE GUARDS INSIDE! Bond should do start to do his little "kill the guards" end sequence (slowly), but no bullet will shoot from his pistol (oddly, the guard still falls over). After Bond has killed one guard, he will find a sudden fascination with the ceiling, and sit there pointing his pistol at it until the doors close, and even after that until you press a button. 1b. You can also do all of the above, but stop to kill a guard and take his weapon. Before hopping on the train, change to that weapon. James will then get a bit psychotic, and will keep pumping heaps of bullets into the first train guard. Apparently, this scares the other guy off, and James has to take his frustration out on the ceiling, and will keep doing so until you press a button to end the level. 2. Do the "Dam" (again, agent mode will do), and finish the level, and James will never actually, as he will spend his time deciding whether or not to leap, before giving his arms a little stretch. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Massive Head Injuries Glitch By: Scott, Nick, and Dane via You need infinite ammo to do this cheat (Also DK Mode and slow anim. helps.) In the Water Caverns, open the elevator door and slide quickly to the left wall of the elevator, if done right nobody will fire at you, now start moving back and pick off the first guy, now the second guy will come running, pick him off to. You should still be standing next to the wall in the elevator, now glance over to the right SLOWLY and if done right, your see Trevlan standing there motionless. Now use your ZMG-90 and take about 200 shots aiming at his head. Now when you quit your head shots are up at 200 and your kills are at 2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mysterious Spots on the Wall By: Scott, Nick, and Dane via For this glitch you will need paintball mode. On the first level (Dam), go through the level killing everyone. When you're near the dam, go down to the docks. Go to the end of the docks then turn around, start shooting all over at the watchtower. Now go back up to the dam and go over to the part where you would normally jump off. Look down at the side of the dam and you will see paintball marks all over the wall. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Back into the Facility Vents By: XCoolMan and around 100 other people (seriously) Use the 1.1 Controller setup Stand on the Toilet under the vent facing the door Hold the R button down Push and Hold C> and Control stick Left ( <-(_)) Keep Holding R, C> and Control Stick Left until you see Bond jump into the vent Release R, C> and Control Stick Left Push Back on the Control Stick TA-DA! This works Great in Multiplayer when someone is chasing you, Jump into the vent and Aim your gun at their Head! Another way to attempt this is to stand on another person's head and jump from there. Either way is fine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Destroy the Flag By: Scott This trick is good for any multiplayer flag tag that has explosives(for my example I'll use a proximity mine). Find the flag and throw a proximity mine near it. Pick up the flag and run into the mine killing yourself (practically simultaneous). The flag will be gone. This is good if you are in first place since no one else can pick up the flag -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walking on air trick By: Tom Riccio ( Put on tiny bond, and goto the facility just before the stairs in front of you when you come out of the bathroom, duck(kneel), so that you are really low and walk slowly down the stairs. You will notice that you are not going down stairs, but staying at the same level as the second floor. Now you are walking on air, but the guys will see you, so don't think they'll walk under you without looking up!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strange Textures By: Alex Allen ( I have a cool trick for Goldeneye. First have the all weapons cheat on. Go to Bunker #1 and do the remote mines trick on the TV screens in the main control room. Next select the rocket launcher and shoot a rocket so it is hanging in mid-air. Then back up. Look at the the back of the rocket you shot, as you move around different textures should appear on it such as hands, bricks, or sometimes a picture of Bond holding up his PP7! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Dead But You By: Joe Riquelme ( This tricks only works if you have the ALL WEAPONS code along with INFINITI AMMO. Also, this trick ONLY works in the level, Statue. Do as you normally do in the stage and finish all the objectives. Once you reach the point where you are threatened to cross the gate, take out TIMED MINES. Once you do, open the gate but do not cross. Now, throw 2 mines on the floor of where you stand near the gate. Emmediatly, run across the gate. The short animation at the end will show James Bond and the others cross the gate, but just is they leave.....BOOM they're all dead except for you who just seems to continue walking without knowing anything is happening. Plus, you STILL complete the mission without failure. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Time To Kill By: Sean Elbourne & Derek Newton ( In the Facility levle, in the bottling room, stand about 2 people away from the door that you took to get in the bottling room. Place a mine in front if you want. Ans as the soldiers come out the door shoot them. If there are to many to shot at once back up and detonate the mine, then throw an other one in. Stay there and shoot as long as you want and when you need ammo walk infront of the door and you will fill up. This is a good way to get 200+ kills. When you are done either die or complete the mission. Note: don't blow up the bottling tanks until you are done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoot Tank Cannon Ammo From Your Forehead By: Chris Lee ( On the Runway or Streets, get in the tank and switch to the weapon right before the thank cannon. Then, switch to the tank cannon and get off (press A and then B quickly - but not too quick). If it worked, you should be able to shoot the tank ammo out of your head even though you don't see the cannon. You might need ammo for some, and if you do, either try to have infinite ammo on, or do this at a level that has missle ammo. But if you switch to a different weapon you will have to do this all over again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flying People By: Nick Cherry If you go to any place that is open or has a high roof (I prefer the Jungle or the Facility), put a remote mine on the ground, shoot at a guy and get him to chase you and when he's exactly on top of it, blow it and he will go flying! One time in the Facility, I got a guy to hit the roof! It is a really neat trick. It also works with Natylina. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smart Shooting By: Dan ( Here is a good trick to know when you are in multi-player mode. Look at your ammo gauge next to it is a bullet some of them are 9mm bullets (the small ones used in PP7, ZMG-9mm, DD44 Dostovie ) or a 30-O-6 bullet (the big ones used by AR Assult Rifles, KF7 Soviet ect...) When someone is in a stall like in the facility or any kind of small room thinking that if some fool opens the door they will get killed but if you have an AR Assult Rifle or something with that big bullet you can shoot through the door killing the guy. 9mm bullets dont work but the couger magnum will go through several doors. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save Natalya Glitch By: Dombo ( In order to do this trick you must have slow animation, gold pp7, and 007 mode. Go to the statue level and put enemy health to 1000(this will make Natalya stronger, then do everything your supposed to do until the end where they are holding Natalya hostage. Use the gold pp7 and first kill the 2 guys by Natalya and then the other guys. They may shoot her a couple of times but she will live. When everybody's dead Natalya will sit there. If you walk through the gates the mission says you didn't save Natalya! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plastique Trick By: Carlo In the Silo, you may have already found out what happens if you shoot a plastique with your gun. (Instant Death!) Well, try this. At the beginning of the a level, plant a plastique. If you can make it to the end of the Silo without the plastique blowing, wait awhile. Right before the explosive blows up, get in the elevator. If done correctly, Bond will stand in the elevator happily, while everything around him blows up! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rainbow Guns By: Adam Reksc ( First you must have the paintball mode cheat. After you have this go to multiplayer mode with the cheat on. Set your life to +10. Get a big gun like shotgun Assalt rifle ect. Then have another player shoot your gun. You can't see it on your screen but other players can. This is good for playing the dark stages like Caves. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kill Ourumov before he can kill Alec By: Adam Reksc ( In Goldeneye, in the Facility, you can kill Ourumov before he can kill Alec. In order to do this, you must have the Golden Gun. After you talk to Alec and the alarm sounds, quickly run upstairs and shoot Ourumov with the gun. He will die and Alec will continue to kneel and fire his gun for as long as you stay in the level. (Unless you kill him) Also you can wait to shoot Ourumov until he gets down and tells you to "throw your weapons down." When Alec starts walking toward him, shoot Orumov with the gun. Alec will kneel as normal and just stay there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outrageous Percentages By: (#1) Eric Andersen, (#2) Philip Madden, (#3) Dan Carragher, (#4) Kerry, (#5) Tim Harrison #1 - This is a fun glitch for GoldenEye 007. Go to the Depot and take out your PP7. Then kill one person in the head with one bullet. Once that is done, go straight to the train and open the doors. Quickly run in afther the door is open and DON'T KILL THE 2 PEOPLE!!!!!A little video would then show Bonkilling the people with 2 bullets each. When you see your stats it would read: Shot Total:1 Kill Total:3 #2 - On the Train level, if you have Invisibility and Silver PP7 or Cougar Magnum, you can kill up to 6 guys with one shot. Go to the end of the first train car and wiat, lined up with the four guys behind boxes. Get your cross-hair on their heads, so as to kill them, and wait for a minute. Two more guys should come running in from behind you, and their heads should go directly through your aimer. Shoot them and no one else. When you quit the level, it says "Shot Total: 1, Kill Total: 6", and if you did it right "Head Hits: 6". You don't actually have to end th level, but you can't win with 600% accuracy because you have to kill Ouromov. #3 - Though it is a device the watch laser is the best weapon in the game. And as you would think, there is also a glitch involved with the watch laser: In train, as soon as you start the level. Take out your watch laser, then do the game as you normally would except never take out another gun. You must kill people with your watch laser, IT WORKS. At the end your statictics will read Shot Total: 0 Kill Total: how many people you killed! #4 - On the Caverns go to the one room where the twin Assault Rifles are hidden in the box. Pull out your twin ZMG 9mms and shoot at the door that requires the key card (the one right across from the room with the radio. A guy will come next to the door if you make a lot of noise, but he won't open the door. As you might have noticed half of his head pops out of the door. Shoot at him with the ZMGs in the head. Pump all your bullets into his head, don't use any guns with 30-0-6 bullets or he'll die. Now quit the level or beat it. Your head kills should say however many you killed before that, and your head shots should say however many bullets were pumped into his head! #5 - Select Silo as your mission, since it is the only mission with Plastiques and you must have Invincibility. At the beginning of the level throw the Plastique anywhere and shoot it. With Invincibility run through the level and shoot nobody! The explosions follow you and nobody will die until you reach them. Finish the level and look at your stats. They should read like this. Head hits: 0% Shot Percentage: 0% Body hits: 0% Limb hits: 0% Kills: 75 -------------------(The most I have ever gotten) Other: 0%

Goldeneye Part FOUR