Goldeneye part TWO

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Welcome to the Goldeneye Page Part TWO!

"Drunken General" Multiplayer Game By: One person is the "Drunken General" (Oroumov, who else??) and the rest of the people are whoever. Now, the object is to try to kill the drunken general as many times as possible in the time alloted (usually 10-20 minutes); and obviously the person who has killed the General th emost times wins. This game is best played for 4 players. The genereal, of course, has to act drunk. For example: running all around the place and just occasionaly killing someone. People wil kill others to try to kill you (the general). Alternate versions have it where if you kill the general, you take a shot (of soda or something) and if the General kills, he takes a shot. This game, if played properly, is very fun and if the Drunken General does a good enough role playing the Drunken General, it will leave you in a heap of laughter. This has happened MANY times. It's just fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yet Another Multiplayer Game By: First im gonna give ya a little back-ground so bare with me. Me and my friends are experts at the goldeneye there was a turnament held near my house in MI and we dominated over everyone. In the final round it was me him and two other guys. (we played with the live only twice rule) Well i die right away, go figure, and but my friend took out one of the other guys pretty quick, i soon killed my friend and the other guy twice. Well it was me and him with only 1 die left and he killed me cheaply..... Well this is only to prove that were good. If your an expert and have expert friends the game is really fun. Complex or Facility with Rockets. Called it Castle. The bathroom is castle and the room with the hole in the ground up above the room where theres two inclines. Well start with 2 teams, and the point is just to get the other team out of the castle. But as soon as you clear out the castle YOU AND YOUR TEAM MATE MUST YELL " TO THE CASTLE." No that im telling you this game we play it sounds kinda lame the best yea to play it is after drinking like 4 cans out mountain dew. That way if someone has to pee you don't pause the game and just let that play defenseless. thats it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kill Travelen In the Control By: Secret Agent 004 I found a weird glitch in GoldenEye 007. For this trick you need the all guns cheat. Turn on the All guns cheat and any others that will help you get through the level. Go all the way to the end where the large warehouse type room is. Face Travelen ( Who is in the elevator) and go against the left wall. Go all the way up to the crates beside his elevator and sneak up to the elevator slowly. If done correctly you you will have an angle good enough to through a hand grenade in. Do so and travelen will fly out of the elevator and disappear. After that he will say "To slow James" This is a weird glitch - after that you can go inside of the elevator and use it against your enemies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hit Man Multiplayer Game By: This is a fun game I made up, for 3 players. One Player is a civilian, the hostage. One player is a terrorists. The third is a "hit man." Story: A civilian has been kidnapped, threatened to be killed by a terrorist! A hit man is brought in to kill the terrorist. He must kill them and escort the civilian to a safe area before the terrorist executes the person! Settings: Characters: Player 1: Any civilian. Player 2: Terrorist. Player 3: Hit man, such as odd-job, or Russian infantry. If you want 4 players in this game, player 4 can be a terrorist, too. Health: Everyone has Hero-10 health. Weapons: Sniper Rifle. Level: Stack. To Play: The hit man closes his eyes for 20 seconds, while the terrorist moves the civilian to any open area. The hit man must track them down and kill the terrorist without the terrorist seeing the hit man. If the terrorist sees the hit man, he must execute the civilian. If the civilian runs away, the terrorist must kill the civilian. When the hit man kills the terrorist without the terrorist seeing him, the hit man must escort the civilian to a safe area, like the balcony in stack. If the terrorist comes back after he's been killed, he can still kill the civilian and the hit man. To Win: The terrorist must see the hit man and kill the civilian 5 times. When the civilian is killed and reappears, he can't move until the hit man or terrorist come to him, and he moves to what his captor says. For the hit man to win, he must kill the terrorist and escort the civilian to safety once. Who ever reaches his goal first wins hit man -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "El Presidente" Multiplayer Game By: Scott My friends and I created a fun (yet stupid) Multiplayer game that shows we have too much time on our hands. This is for four players. One player is "El Presidente". He should choose a character that looks like a politician i.e. Mishkin. One player is an assasain. Oddjob is good for this. The remaining two players are "El Presidente's" bodyguards. They should be either two scientists or two moonraker elites. There job is to guard "El Presidente". "El Presidente" is not allowed to use a gun, he can only run away. The bodyguards are not allowed to hunt down the killer, only protect "El Presidente". This game works with anything but I have found Sniper Rifles in Stack is fun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Time in Train By: Brandon Heidmann ( This trick is especially helpful on 00 agent. Get to the outside of the room Natalya is being held captive. Try to align up with where you think Orumov is. Now, rush in and shoot him. Don't stop shooting though. Kind of move the gun around where Trevelyan and Xenis are. Keep shooting. If you did it right, Xenia will say "Hold on Alec, I'm hit." This will give you about another 5 to 10 seconds. Plenty of time for Natalya to finish objectives. Now go out and turn left to where the guys are, so Natalya won't get blown up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Double Ammo on Temple (Multi) By: Kenny Tarver ( In multiplayer mode choose the Temple level. In the main room, the large one with the hole in the floor, go to the end where there is one door and a hallway leading down. The ammo box right before the hallway can be shot with a gun and it will split in two (When facing the hallway it's the one on the left). Go down the hallway and there are two more ammo boxes and they both can be split into two separate boxes if shot with any gun. There are other places in the game where you can do this! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Unstuck By: Sk8boy ( Have you ever done a no-clipping code and get stuck and can't get out even after pressing L+R? It pisses you off. I can easily help. The supplies you need are a Gameshark and Goldeneye. First you do the no-clipping code and start the game. Then you go to the Dam and use the code(L+R). If you get stuck, press the handy GS button. Ping! Instant relief! If you don't know the no-clipping code for the Dam on Gameshark, it is: D0064F31 0030 800D33ED 0050 880D33ED 0000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zooming Trick By: The Stu This is a little trick that I found for GoldenEye. This works on every level but I find it works the best on the Aztec level. All you need is any weapon that has a zoom on it when you activate the aimer. (Sniper rifle, AR 33 or the KF7) Now play the Aztec level through normally. Set the launch and go open the exaust door. When the shuttle is counting down take out your zooming weapon and zoom in on the shuttle. Now when the time is up, the little demo at the end which shows the shuttle launching will be zoomed in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "SWAT" Multiplayer Game By: Steven Ryan ( This is an extremely fun game me and my friends designed that adds a whole different angle to Goldeneye Mulitiplayer. We were getting way too good at all the levels, and getting really cheap by looking at each others screens, so we devised a system to counter that. find a large piece of cardboard or other light non-transparent divider things (science-fair projects work with most TVs) get some ducktape, MAKE SURE THAT IT WON'T LEAVE A RESIDUE ON YOUR TV SCREEN, PARENTS COULD GET TICKED start up a multiplayer game, three or four players. I have found that automatics and mines (with unlimited ammo on) are the most fun because they roughly simulate weapons that special forces use (ex. D5K=MP5, AR33=M16, 9mm=Uzi). Fasten your divider in a way that it doesn't let the left people from seeing the right people. Lots and lots of tape will be required. Once satisfied, GS codes like all facility and extra characters add to the playability of the game. Also, although I haven't gotten this to work, ALL GUNS would be a blast because different members could pick the weapon of their choice, and you would be blessed with a silenced D5K. I have found that all facility and library make for good levels, although all facility has a tendency to jam with GS. Any level that is big enough for some sneaking around and strategizing are good, all archives is pretty fun as well. Also, play this sort of game with either "license to kill" or "Health=-10," as it will be much more realistic. The only downplay to this method of play is the set up of the devider, especially if suddenly your friends have this urge to play Cruisin' USA of NFL Blitz. Oh well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demonic Possesion of the Golden Gun By: Myke ( This is a scenario me and my 3 friends made up one day. This works best with 3 or 4 players. It doesnt work at all with 2. NOTE: This scenario is about having fun, not mass killing everyone if you know how to. If you must be a maniac and kill everyone too quickly, you shouldn't play this scenario. Setup: Choose multiplayer and set the options to Temple level, Scenario Normal, Golden gun as the weapon, unlimited time, and whatever characters you want to use. Dont bother using teams or cheats, they make the scenario less fun. The Story: You are 4 (or 3) people all searching through an ancient temple for an evil weapon. The 'Golden Gun' is made out of a melted down necklace that a demonic emporer once wore. He sacrificed many lives, and sold his soul to the devil and when he died, his soul never left the necklace. The gun, when used, immedeatly possesses the holder. The golden bullets represent the level of control the gun has over its user. The Rules: When you start, run around until someone grabs the GG (golden gun). Once someone gets the GG, the three (or two) others team up to try to kill the holder. If two people have the GG, then they try to kill each other as well because there can only be one with the GG. The game continues until the GG holder has 99+ golden bullets, or you get bored. Special Notes: If you have the GG, dont stand around and collect Golden Bullets because it will make it boring. When you team up to try to kill the GG holder, dont double-cross your temporary team-mates because it will make it boring. Have FUN! Try to keep the fairness of the game level because its more enjoyable that way. Please e-mail me if you enjoy my scenario. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kill Trevelyn at the Statue Park By: First of all, to do this glitch you must have the All Weapon code. Select it on your cheat menu. Select The statue level. First, (as usual) you talk to Valentin. Then, go to Lenin's statue to meet Trevelyn. But, before circling the the statue, drop a proximity mine, (using your own judgement) arond where trevelyn will step. Circle the statue, and you will see Trevelyn walk to where he's supposed to. Now you should see the explosion, when the smoke clears, you wont see him anymore. The guards wont shoot at you until you walk away, also the helicopter wont land. Even though you fail the mission, Its still pretty cool. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shooting Grenades By: Tinlantern Okay, so you know already that if you shoot the scientists either with their life meter set on 1000% or in 007 Agent mode, they pull out a grenade. Shoot them again when they whip out the grenade. When they falter, shoot the grenade! If you have all ammo and all guns, its a blast to use the sniper rifle on them from long range. They usually hold the grenade and run around with it after your initial stun shot, so take your time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freeze Aztec Mission By: Brewer87 ( This is a weird glitch I discovered. Turn on invincibility, all guns, turbo mode, paintball mode, invisibility, and infinite ammo. (you may not need all of these) Play the Aztec mission on any difficulty as usual. Once you get to the part where you launch the shuttle, don't open the bay doors, but place a bunch of remote mines on the shuttle. (I was trying to blow it up!) Now open the bay doors and launch it. The screen will turn black as if it was about to show you the shuttle launching, but the screen will never change. It's eternally black. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Inside the Truck By: CoolJ1 Go to the Dam (level one). To do this you must have tiny bond on. When you start out kill the guys around the corner so they don't kill you. Get in front of the truck and duck, as the truck passes over you a little press R and stand up. If you have done this correctly the truck will have stopped with you inside. You can get out by ducking, but make sure you are out befoere the tuck reaches the gate or you will be trapped. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Depot Trick By: The Game Meister This is a cool trick that I found in the Depot. First, you must have the Golden Gun or the All Guns cheat option. Now, go to the Depot in Agent mode (Because it's a lot easier) and complete the mission with the Golden Gun in your hand. Don't shoot any of the people inside the train. Now, watch the ending scene. Bond will fire the Golden Gun like an automatic! Also, try putting on Slow Animation and Enemy Rockets. Do the same instructions above and Bond might aim at the ceiling when he's inside the train. He might even fire at the ceiling! Sometimes people shoot him with rockets and blow themselves up! This is a very funny trick. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weird Sounds 3 By: Brewer87 Turn on the enemy rockets cheat or all weapons and go to the dam. If you put enemy rockets, play the game as usual and collect rockets from enemies. Do the same if you have all weapons. When you reach the Dam, go to the dock and pull out a rocket launcher. If you look closely, you can see a deserted island on the other side of the lake. Aim the rocket launcher at the white block thing and fire it. When the rocket reaches the island, you will see fire and hear a sound like that of an enemy dropping his weapon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Earthquake 'n' Smoke By: Mac Fairly ( This trick isn't useful, but it is funny. First you need the following cheats: All Guns, Infinite Ammo, and Inviciblity helps. First, go to the Frigate, then go to the very front of the ship and select grenades. Then throw the grenades continueously in the exact same spot (They won't explode on the surface). After a will you can hear a slight explosion and the screen will shake (That's the earthquake part). If you keep throwning them in the same spot a giant thing of smoke will appear. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weird Faces By: If you have every cheat put on all wepons, invincible, infinitti ammo, slow animation and enemy rockets. Go to the first surface level, go to the satillite thing and get out 2 magmums strafe going up the stairs and go to the room with the computer, shoot through the door and when the computer explodes open the door then close the door. Strafe down the stairs and there should be special forces there. Don't shoot them but go up to them you will notice something very wierd about ther faces. Usually there face is striped with blue or they have 4 faces (one on every side) or thier hats turn weird etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terrorist Game By: Unknown (name witheld by request) This is called The Terrorist Game. It requires a few GameShark codes, including one I found by changing a few numbers on a code, and instructions. Here are the required GameShark codes: More Multi-player characters: 8002B197 0040 All Guns in the Facility: 800C8D4C 0007 800CB7CC 0007 800CE24C 0007 800D0CCC 0007 Tuxedo Mishkin: 8002B19F 0045 Play the Entire Facility: 880C8784 0001 (Select Button as the default) To play, there must be four players. Player 1, 3 and 4 are terrorists. To do that, first make player four a terrorist. Make the number of players 3, the make player three a terrorist. Now make the number of players 2, and make player one a terrorist, and make player two Bond. Now make the number of players 4. Don't go back to the character select! Now, turn on the infinite ammo cheat. Now start the game. Player two will look like Mishkin in a tuxedo. Make player one go to the locked to the locked door and press the GS button. The door should be destroyed when you can't shoot it anymore. Then walk through the door and take the first right. Follow the path untill you reach a big room. This is the battle arena. Every one needs body armor in this game. Make player two walk up any of the stairs. Of course, every game has rules. Rules: You can't use the golden gun, the cougar magnum, the silver PP7, the gold PP7, the watch laser, the grenade launcher, the rocket launcher, any type of mine, taser, and the tank. Only Tuxedo Mishkin will have the gold PP7. The terrorists will now battle. If any terrorists use the prohibited weapons, or shoot Mishkin (even on accident!), Mishkin will shoot the naughty terrorist. Mishkin doesn't fight. He only fire when a terrorist cheats, or shoots him. Note: This game sometimes freezes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throw Mines Through Walls By: "Dippy" ( The first thing you need to do is select multiplayer, remote or proximity mines, and the facility level. Go to the long corridor area (the one with a red door at either end). In the corridor, look at the walls and you should see some yellow signs. Walk up to one of the signs so you are standing up against it and tilt yourself slightly upward using the 'bottom c' button. Now throw a mine. It should have gone through the wall and in to the opposite room. If the mine doesn't go through, tilt yourself again but this time at a different angle. This is handy when there is someone in the room that refuses to come out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get in the Deserted Tower By: GECCC ( This code is like the other one (Get to the deserted dam island) but better. In the other code you couldn't climb the ladder. So I tested stuff and I came up with this. Go on the dam (not the tower or the bottom) and walk near the side where the deep hole is. Press L&R and start walking towards the deserted tower. No you can get inside the top of the deserted tower! Nothing is there! You can also duck for a better view. You can also go to a tower and then press L&R and walk towards the deserted island. This time you'll be over the deserted tower. Incase you don't have the GS codes here they are: D0064F31 0030 [No Clipping (Z-Coordinate)] 800D33F5 0050 880D33F5 0000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "EarthQuake", floating Glitch By: Matt Perry ( First, you will need to set on Invincibility, All Guns, and maybe Infinite Ammo for this trick to work. Go to the Runway, and exit the big building. Turn right as if you were going to get the tank. When the corner of the buliding passes you, turn around and ready your Sniper Rifle. Aim, zoom in as far as you can, and it will look REALLY funny. Guys will be running on air, the ramp will be disappearing into the ground, and if you turn to look at the runway and keep looking up or down, one section of the wall leading to the runway will be falling into the runway, making it look like there's an earthquake. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiplayer Body Armor Strategy By: Steve ( If you come across some body armor, try shooting it. It will move to a different location. Repeat this process and try to manuever the body armor behind doors or other objects. You can then pick it up, and when it comes back it will be where you moved it. This is best against opponents who know a level well. They won't be able to find the body armor, because you hid it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get a Guard up in the Vents By: Matt ( (Facility) There are two ways to do this trick, but they both begin the same way. Start in the Facility with all guns, infinite ammo, and invisibility on and have the difficulty on 007 with health anywhere from 200% or up. If you set the health up a lot higher you can have a fun time shooting the guard and running around in the vents with him. This trick can also work on 00 Agent setting or 007 with a smaller health percent but usually if you hit a guard where you will he will die. Note that the spot that you shoot the guard from is important because when you are invisible, the spot you shoot from is the spot a guard runs to and stands at. The First (and Harder) Way: Go to part where you normally drop down from the vents and into the stall. Stay all the way to the right side and pull out a sniper rifle. Now inch up to the edge just so when you zoom in you can see the red stripe on his shoulder. You want to see as small a fraction of that stripe as you can. Shoot him once in the shoulder (or head) and wait there a second. When you see him leave then turn around and go to the other end of the vents with the grate in front of you. You have to wait here until he jumps up because you can't wait in front of the hole or he won't come up. Usually running back and forth near the grate helps. Now go back and if he isn't stuck in the doors of the stalls he should be standing up there. If not, go back to the grate again and wait for a few more seconds and try again. Sometimes the guard is standing at the direct edge of the hole and when you hit him he will fall down and then jump back up right in front of your eyes. It's cool. The Second (and Easier) Way: Start the same as the first, but go to where you can see just the tip of the guard's hat and fire once to knock the hat off and again to hit his head. Now quickly jump down and open the door. Go out and the guard should be running around down there. You have to get him unstuck because he always tries to run through the doors. Close the door to the stall you drop down in and when he stands in front of it quickly close the one to the right of it so he doesn't go in it again. You want a clear path for him to the stall you come down in. He might run around a second or two again but then he should jump up into the vents. Go to the far right corner of the stall and hold the top R button, C-Left, Left on the stick, and Z and after a spin or two you should jump back into the vents. You have to shoot him as far back as possible from the hole or he'll be blocking your way up to the vents again. Once you get up there you can hit him and run around with him up there all you want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Territory Game By: Wally B. This is an awesome way to play if you are playing 4 players, what you do is go into multi player screen, set it to Facility, put it on Liscence to kill, put it on lazers (this is the funnest), then choose your characters, and put it on unlimited time. Now for the fun part, When you start, decide who is on who's team (but dont turn "team game" on in the multi-player screen) then try to get you and your teammate in the bathroom, and try to keep the other team from gaining entry to the bathroom, and once they do, you try to get it back. It's pretty awesome, because it is hard to keep control of the bathroom!! It's also fun to do this with other rooms or sectors in just about every level! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dead from the Start By: Daniel Bennett Here is a good trick for multiplayer. Choose proximity mines, and start at any level. Find out what the starting points are in that level are and place the mines at the starting points and when a player dies he/she will set off the detonator. It's real important to not die that many times when doing this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mines through the Roof By: Chad Starr ( Note: It is best to use remote or proximity mines with this trick. 1. Go to Multiplayer. 2. Change weapon to remote or proximity mines. 3. Change level to the library. Now go into the basement. If you search the basement enough, you will find a metal gate looking thing on the roof. Throw your mine through at metal gate. Your mine will go through the metal gate. No one will notice it. If any body goes under the metal gate... BOOM!!!!! They will be dead before they even notice what hit them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sore Looser Trick/Glitch By: Note: This trick is exactly what it says, Sore Looser. If you have any respect for yourself as a GE player, you shouldn't do this, otherwise, have fun pissing off your friends! (did I do that?...what happened?... hehe) Here a cool trick in multiplayer, If your about to loose and your a sore looser make sure your playing mines at archives, caverns, or library. Just throw 2 mines on the glass then pull a gun and shoot the glass, then throw a third mine..... The game freezes and you have to restart :-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Floating above the Dam By: Q ( To make this glitch work you must have TINY BOND. Now go to the last guard tower on the dam making sure to kill anyone along the way that might screw you up by shooting you. Go up the ladder turn around and duck. Now make it so your looking down as well ducking. Now slowly walk off the side of the tower making sure your still looking down. When your totally off go right until your over the other ladder that goes down to the dock. Your now about 30ft. off the ground! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get to the Deserted Dam Island! By: Joshua Poe Requirements: GameShark and GoldenEye Put in the three Z coordinateno clipping codes for the dam level. And for all of you that don't know what clipping is: Clipping is the programming code that makes walls stop you from moving through them.) D0064F31 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 800D33F5 0050 880D33F5 0000 Then go to the dam level and go to the very last guard post at the end of the dam. >From there go to the wall just to the left of the guard post (after the ladder), and then hit the L and R buttons simultaneously once. It then puts you in the middle of the ocean and you will not be able to see the dam. Walk all the way out to the island at the end of the inlet of water. The dam, as you can see, is very premature. All that is on the Island is a drone gun and a guard post that were not programmed into the game because the drone gun does not shoot you and you cannot blow up the windows on the guard post. Also there is a water inlet to the left side of the dam which I heard was were originally the programers of the game were going to put two guards on a boat and if you shot at the island the guards would come over to the dam on the boat. I stared at this island for a half an hour and I am still in disbelief. Try it for yourself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Categories By: Landvisser This is a list of which weapons are in which weapon category in multiplayer. For example, if you chose Golden Gun for the weapon in multiplayer, you would also be able to pick other guns while playing multiplayer. Golden gun = PP7 (silenced), DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, and Golden Gun. Pistols = PP7 (silenced), DD44 Dostovei, and Cougar Magnum. Automatics = PP7 (silenced), DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, and D5K Deustche. Power Weapons = DD44 Dostovei, RCP-90, Automatic Shotgun, and Cougar Magnum. Sniper Rifles = DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, Sniper Rifle, and Cougar Magnum. Grenades = DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, and Hand Grenades. Remote mines = PP7, ZMG 9mm, AR33 Assault Rifle, and Remote Mines. Grenade Launchers = DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, and Grenade Launchers. Timed Mines = PP7, ZMG 9mm, AR33 Assault Rifle, and Timed Mines. Proximity Mines = PP7, ZMG 9mm, AR33 Assault Rifle, and Proximity Mines. Rockets = DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, and Rocket Launchers. Lasers = DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, and Moonraker Laser. NOTE: Some categories are not listed because the name explains it. Example, Slappers Only! is only the hand. No need to explain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Automatic Firing and Laser Beam By: Jay ( First of all you need to put on the "Destroy Almost Everything" gameshark code for any level. Then you have to put on the All Guns cheat. The Infinite Ammo cheat would be ok if you want this trick to keep going. After you do all that go to the level that has the "Destroy Almost Anything" code. This will be really awsome! Since you have the All Guns cheat on, pick a gun and press A to get 2 of them. The gun on your left hand will be firing automatically!!! Now if you want to see something cooler, try using 2 lasers, 2 rocket launchers, or 2 grenade launchers! The laser will be turned into an awsome laser beam and the rocket launcher will be firing like crazy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proximity Mine Glitch By: Eiksirf In Multiplayer, set the weapon too proximity mines. When a player dies, wait for their body to dissappear. Tell them not to press start and throw a mine where their body was. As long as they don't press start, every mine you throw there will explode. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Floating Archives Glitch By: P2 Chang 007 64 To see a major glitch in the Military Archives, follow these steps closely: First, escape from the Interrogation Room. As you exit, turn right and run down the hallway and up the stairs. As you reach the top of the stairs, turn left and run down the long hallway, open the door, and find 3 long windows on the wall to your right. Walk up to the one on the far right. Shoot it with any gun until all the glass shatters. Then, SLOWLY walk through the window and you should not be able to fall to the ground. You'll fall about one inch and get stuck. Next, (you'll need to practice this) move the joystick SLOWLY forward until the screen turns entirely black. If done correctly, turn around and look up. The book shelves, the guards, and the whole floor will be floating. It's definitely something RARE game testers did not find.

Now on to Part THREE of the Goldeneye Page!(all of the stuff wouldn't fit on one page!) :)